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2022 Event Highlights - May/June 2022

Explore Harriman's Outdoor Adventure & Survival - May 2022

Explore Harriman held its first Outdoor Adventure & Survival Event. Many thanks to Marlon Smith of Urban and Outdoor Survival as he and his team held mini survival workshops on water purification, creating emergency shelters, and the setting up your “Go Bag” for home, car and outdoor excursions. The "Go Bag" class was held at Seven Lakes Station (Grub Hub & Craft Beer House) - food was fantastic!

Thank you to Randy Lee of Ropes Rigging and Trees for holding a demo class on Learning the 5 Most Useful Knots. And many thanks to Conor Krueger of Merrell for providing hiking shoes to demo. Congrats to Brian Luke for winning the $100 Merrell Online Gift Card raffle!

Thank you to The Bushcraft Trading Post, Torne Valley Climbers Coalition, and Gravity Vault Gym for holding tables and providing info on their wares and/or clubs.

Scroll down below this gallery for highlights on the June event.

Merrell's Outdoor YOUniversity - June 2022

This past weekend, Conor Krueger of Merrell and his team organized their first Outdoor YOUniversity with two days of activities.

On Day 1, attendees learned how to pack a daypack, went on a guided hike with journaling prompts, and learned the five most useful knots with Randy Lee of Ropes Rigging and Trees who held a contest with prizes (thank you Campmor!). Merrell also held a beginner's basics on trail running. Marlon Smith Urban and Outdoor Survival discussed the do's and don'ts of hiking and held a shelter building demo. Last but not least, Annika McCarter of Leave No Trace discussed the Seven Principles of Outdoor Ethics and created the interactive Camp Oh No! challenge.

On Day 2, Merrell continued with guided hikes, journaling, and beginner's basics to trail running. Randy Lee held his Learn the 5 Most Useful Knots and Urban and Outdoor Survival (UOS) held an Edible Plants demo. Included was a Let's Do Paint outdoor painting class and a Smartphone Photo Class by Susan Magnano of PhoTour Adventures.

Explore Harriman, Urban Outdoor and Survival, Merrell, and Campmor have more to come! To receive news in your inbox, subscribe here. We look forward to meeting you at our next event... in the meantime, whenever you take to the trails, please carry out what you carry in and add #leavenotrace and #carryoutwhatyoucarryin whenever you post your park pics. Thank you!

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